Sustainable Meeting TIME CHANGE and agenda

Feb 13, 2020 | Sustainable Events

We are meeting at the school at 6pm on 24th February.

It is necessary to start our meeting at 6pm on 24th rather than 7pm.  Apologise to anyone inconvenienced by this.  Please spread the word.  We have two items on the draft agenda that have to be dealt with earlier than the previously agreed start time.  We will have to wrap up the meeting shortly before 7pm, so as usual if there is specific business to be done the detail will need to be resolved by those involved after the meeting.

Agenda items so far:

  1. Soup and movie night on 29th.  The film is in hand.  Claudia will let us know final shape of the evening and where help needed.
  2. Wildflower ‘meadow’ by the Lychgate.  Robin will explain plan and seek help removing and distributing turf.  A date and time in the last of week of February to be agreed.  A small Amelanchier Tree and seed should by then be in hand
  3. Time of meeting.  So far we have started at a range of different times, that might have to continue to allow different people to come who have other commitments, but it can cause confusion.  It would be good to have time for occasional guest speakers in a slot after the meeting that is hard to accommodate if we have too confined a time to meet. Views canvassed.
  4. Car share ideas.  Thierry will explain.  It may be helpful to form a small group to put plans into action.
  5. Local farming practice and how we can support the farmers and vice versa.  Richard Dayment will be attending this meeting.
  6. AOB
  7. Date, venue and time of next meeting


Please let me know if there is anything else to go on the agenda.  If you are unable to attend please consider point 3 and give me your views before the meeting.  We will start again with a minutes silence to gather our thoughts and begin promptly at 6pm.  Late comers always welcome, but as we have a short time frame we may have started

Best wishes