Blackawton History

BASH came into being soon after the new millennium. We are a group of people from Blackawton and Strete who are interested in the local history of the area and want to find out more about it but we are not all historians by any means!

The two parishes have been closely linked for a long time. Strete became a separate ecclesiastical parish in 1881 but only became a separate civil parish in 1935, so that early records of events in Strete are recorded in Blackawton’s parish council minutes.

We research and publish books on local history projects, sometimes with a single author and sometimes as a collaborative effort.

We shall welcome you whether or not you wish to get involved in active research. We already have a large archive but would be delighted to add any photographs, documents and unrecorded memories you may be able to offer.

Further information, with a full list of publications, can be found on the BASH website, and you can also email us: