Sustainable Blackawton

Awareness of the current scale of environmental damage has become much more widespread in this, the second, decade of the 21st century. Concerns about carbon emissions, loss of biodiversity and the many species at risk of extinction, have been expressed by scientists for many years, but now those are voiced by citizens globally.

DRAFT Agenda 2023 July 12

DRAFT AGENDA for Sustainable Blackawton meeting 12th July 2023 at 19:00 in Blackawton Forest SchoolMinutes of previous meeting 14Dec2022 (and apologies for lack of meeting since!)Apologies Sue Hadow, Will Benzies, Laura PerryWelcome new attendeesProjects: reports on...

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Sustainable Blackawton Recipes 2021 Recipe No. 4 Asparagus Risotto May sees the arrival of many new spring greens and asparagus is the most exciting vegetable on offer! You can enjoy it steamed or griddled dressed with balsamic vinegar or fresh lemon juice and olive...

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SusDit Presents: Hugh Warwick: How to help our Hedgehogs? Wednesday 10th Feb (next Wednesday) Free If there’s someone you’d call “The Hedgehog person” in the UK, it’s Hugh Warwick, and we’re lucky enough to have him join us for a SusDit meeting to help answer the...

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Sustainable Blackawton helped to draft the Blackawton Parish Council Environmental Policy – click here to view.



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