Parish Council Maintenance Contract

BPC invites quotes for a three-year contract to: o cut flush vegetation from St Michael’s churchyard walls twice a year using hand tools only, and o carry out twice a year detailed visual monitoring of churchyard wall and entrances, o general handyman services... read more

Emergency Plan Contacts and Resources

We are preparing an Emergency Plan with a list of local resources in an emergency. If you can assist in an emergency, e.g. with a 4*4, a generator, or a wood fired stove please get in contact or email a completed contact details form to the Clerk. BPC Form –... read more

Notice of Election

Notice of ElectionUK Parliamentary Election for theTOTNES Constituency An Election is to be held of One Member of Parliament for the Totnes Constituency. Forms of nomination for the Parliamentary Election may be obtained at Follaton House, Plymouth Road, Totnes,... read more