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Welcome to Blackawton Primary School!
Blackawton Primary is a village school, which is at the centre of the local community. Our aim is to ‘Open doors to a world of possibilities,’ which we do through the core principles laid out in our school charter. We are a small school with big aspirations; we want every child to thrive in an environment that is without walls and ceilings – metaphorical and physical. Subsequently we have developed a fantastic outdoor learning space, our 6th classroom, and every member of staff is asked to consider the question ‘why am I doing this indoors?’ when planning lessons and activities.

We are also a school that looks out beyond the village to Dartmoor, the sea, Europe and links with schools in Ethiopia. All of these connections support our school ethos, which places a high priority on an inspiring, challenging, relevant and creative curriculum for all children.

We strive to equip the children with both the academic tools for economic success and the social and emotional skills for happy lives. We want every child to feel empowered to ask questions, take risks, make mistakes and test ideas and yes, we do let the children climb trees!

We look to develop learning skills and independence through the experiences children have. We believe in enriched experiences; hands on learning using our environment, visits and visitors to enhance all aspects of the curriculum.

Staff at Blackawton are highly skilled and dedicated. Our motivation and ethos focus on the simple question, ‘who cares?’ because we want every child to know that we do! This is reflected in the high level of expectation we have for both the children and the adults in our school community. Relationships are based on inclusion, care, respect and empathy. We encourage all to take responsibility for themselves, their peers, their community and their planet.

We encourage all parents and carers to get involved in school life and to support all the children through their learning journey with us. We have a fabulous Friends Of Blackawton School (FOBs) team who are warm and welcoming and are always happy to have new ‘friends’ on board. We also have a core group of wonderful volunteers which we are always looking to expand.

Each week we produce a Newsletter and our web-site is regularly updated with photos and information on the exciting learning that is happening. We also have our own Facebook page and Twitter accounts. Reception and Pre-school also update parents daily using Tapestry software. Please do visit our school website regularly. We would be grateful for any feedback; if you think of something that we have missed, please let us know.

We look forward to working with you and your children.

To find out more about the school, to arrange a tour or request an application pack, please contact 01803 712363 or email

Blackawton Primary School

Blackawton Primary School

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tel: 01803 712363