Tuckenhay Farm

Naturally reared meat boxes delivered to your door from a family farm located within a mile of Blackawton.

Grass-fed, native breed, home-reared beef, lamb, and mutton available.

We believe in carrying on our traditional methods of farming and giving our customers the reassurance of knowing exactly where, how and by who your quality food has been produced, while also reducing our environmental impact as much as possible.

We live on our home farm in Tuckenhay. Our Aberdeen Angus cattle and some of our lambs are reared on land just outside Blackawton.

Order online at tuckenhayfarm.co.uk or call Hannah on 07824635939.

We normally deliver on Mondays but please do send us a message if you need your box delivered a different day.

Tuckenhay Farm

Tuckenhay Farm

t: 07824 635939