Blackawton Playing Fields Committee

Blackawton’s play park, tennis court and meadow/orchard are owned by the village and maintained and run by volunteers from the community.

If you’d like to help look after these wonderful local resources please feel free to get in touch – we’d love to hear from you! 

Support could look like a donation, helping to mow the grass, woodwork/painting/maintenance of play equipment, or whatever suits your skills.

Get in touch:

Tennis Court

The tennis court was resurfaced in 2021 and painted in 2022. It has a lovely playing surface that’s solely for playing tennis.

Tennis court subscriptions are £40 per year per family and once you’ve joined you can play as often as you like.

There’s an online booking system to use for busier periods, which can be explained when you join.

For further details please contact Tony Stevens at:

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson

Blackawton Playing Fields

Contact for the Blackawton Playing Fields Committee.

e: Chris Wilson

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