Sustainable Blackawton


Recycling food packaging and the South Hams Council Currently South Hams Council only recycles plastic bottles in the clear sack along with food tins, cans, aerosols and tinfoil. It does not currently recycle the plastic food packaging (like the kind you buy...

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We are clearly a hardy bunch in SB as no-one has said they are not coming; but the government has changed its guidance fundamentally and we are being urged not to meet, so I have called off the March meeting.   Nonetheless may I invite you to consider the agenda...

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Info from Greenpeace about Banking

Here is an extract from a Greenpeace article I (Laura Perry) found on banking when considering which bank to currently use: Behind every fossil fuel company is a big bank. We're deep in a climate crisis, and yet banks continue to fund these companies as they explore...

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Sustainable Blackawton helped to draft the Blackawton Parish Council Environmental Policy – click here to view.



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