Car share ideas

Feb 26, 2020 | Ongoing community discussions, Sustainable Blackawton

We are thinking of setting up a car share mechanism allowing people to get lifts in and out of the village, as well as a volunteer system to help people to the bus stop, thus making greater use of our public transportation facilities.

We are wondering how we could make something like that work and would love you to come forward with some ideas! So far we are imagining that regular lifts could be advertised on the village shop’s notice board and on the website, and maybe a group text message database for requests to the bus stop.

Some of the applications to come out of this could be great fun: sharing a Thursday evening trip to the health spa? Attending more concerts, films, events and socials in Totnes or Dartmouth? Finding interesting sites to visit when someone takes their monthly trip to Oxfordshire? Joining a ride and maybe a class with someone attending weekly Kung Fu?

Anybody who would like to participate in an aspect of this scheme could think it over and get in touch with the author for any queries or ideas.

This topic will have been discussed at the February Sustainable Blackawton meeting to move ideas forward and make this happen!

Thank you!

CONTACT: Thierry