Royal Voluntary Service Community Companions

Mar 11, 2020 | Community News Post

There may be people who would like to establish a Blackawton branch?
There is information in this brochure – RVS CS2324 Community Companions Branch Guide(web)
I have pasted below some notes from my conversation with the project lead for your information.
Rob Jones details are below if you are interested.
Rob Jones, Project Manager – Community Companions, Volunteer- Led
Royal Voluntary Service
Mobile: 07341778466

1. There are about 100 branches nationally.
2. Most volunteers do 1-1 visits, for 1-2 hours/week and visit 1-2 people.
3. There is some informal transport. RVS helps with insurance – eg providing a letter to the companion’s insurer.
4. COVID-19
Some people are changing over to phone contacts.
Wellness checks are being done – checking the person is OK, has enough food, help to dial 111 if needed
5. RVS wouldn’t want to replace an existing effective service.
6. There are two approaches – informal and formal.
7. Informal approach
a. Register as an Associate group. £40/year.
b. Access to guidance and support.
c. Responsible for their own DBS checks, insurance – and these would be required to register.
d. Would take 4-6 weeks to set up.
8. Formal approach
a. Need a core of 2-3 people.
b. More structured.
c. DBS checks done by RVS.
d. RVS provides insurance.
e. Training – much online – is done while the DBS checks are being processed.
f. Need a bank account and terms of reference – which RVS helps with.
g. Access to up to £1,000 for expenses such as travel and printing.
h. Takes usually 8-12 weeks to set up.
9. RVS Support
Includes a 24 hour safeguarding phone line and individual guidance.