Approved Minutes 2021 September 07 Virtual Meeting

Sep 20, 2021 | Delegated Decisions

The minutes can be downloaded here or read below

APPROVED Minutes of a public Zoom videoconferencing Meeting of Blackawton Parish Council held on
Tuesday 7 September 2021 at 7:30 p.m.

 This was not a formal Meeting of the Parish Council. Because of the increased COVID-19 risk a virtual only meeting was held. It was used to instruct the Clerk under delegated authority where possible. The delegations can be access in the Parish Council section of the community website under Policies and Access.

Open Forum

  1. Vacancy for a Parish Councillor

One application was received by the 6 September closing date. The applicant attended the meeting. They will be co-opted at the next formal meeting of the Parish Council.

Present: Cllrs Rake (Chair), Mewes (Vice-Chair), Coe, Mallyon and Thomas were present, as were South Hams District Cllr Reeve, Devon County Cllr Brazil, A Thom (Clerk), and one member of the public.

  1. Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Perry.

  1. Declarations of Interest

Cllrs Rake and Thomas declared a Personal Interest in the Blackawton Business Units CIC if relevant.

  1. Minutes of Previous Meetings

The minutes of the Meeting held on 6 July 2021 were approved.

  1. Report from South Hams District Council Councillor

Cllr Reeve asked that she be contacted to assist if residents experience problems with waste and recycling collections. Cllr Thomas asked for better communication to residents about changes to the service.

Cllr Reeve said that there has been some progress made with the addressing Enforcement cases.

She is arranging a French Furze site visit with representatives of SHDC and DCC.

  1. Report from Devon County Council Councillor

Devon County Cllr Brazil reported that there were no August meetings. He will follow up the new delimiter speed sign requested for Greenslade Road.

DCC continues to consider imposing a 20mph speed limit in all Devon villages. The question will go to Cabinet tomorrow. The Cabinet’s recommendation will go back to full Council in October.

Cllr Brazil commented on the proposed Coleridge group Agenda item about the Local Planning Authority’s approach to monitoring and enforcement of compliance with conditions attached to planning permissions. He raised the possibility of more monitoring by parish councils in some cases.

Regarding the community composting BPC Agenda item Cllr Brazil was supportive and commented that residents might be charged for brown bin collections in the future, as is the case in many other areas. Cllr Coe said that there is space in the community meadow, but help is needed to set it up. A South Hams community offset scheme is under development. Cllr Reeve said that she has a Fund for environment projects. Cllr Brazil has £750 available in his Locality budget. Sustainable Blackawton will discuss the proposed community compost scheme.

  1. Planning

6.1       SHDC Planning Approvals/Refusals

The following decisions were noted:

  • 1166/21/ARC Proposed Development At Sx 8074 5071 Blackawton. Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 3, 8 and 9 for planning application 0969/19/VAR. Discharge of condition Approved.
  • 2416/21/AGR Land at SX 806 521 adjacent to Valley View Blackawton TQ9 7DH. Application for prior notification of proposed agricultural barn. Ag Determination details not required.
  • 0810/20/ARC Development At Sx 8052 5109, Town Farm School Lane Blackawton Devon TQ9 7BE. Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 12, 15, 16 & 21 of planning consent 0318/18/VAR. Discharge of Conditions – SPLIT DECISION.
  • 1747/21/PDM Watson Barns Watson Farm Blackawton TQ9 7AZ. Application to determine if prior approval is required for proposed change of use of agricultural building to 3no. dwellinghouses (Class C3) and for associated operational development (Class Q(a+b)). Prior Approval Given.
  • 2768/21/TCA T1 & T2: Cherry – Remove, trees have died. St Michael’s Church Church Hill Blackawton TQ9 7BQ. No objection raised.
  • 3185/20/FUL Barn At SX 803 499 North Millcombe Farm Blackawton TQ9 7AE. Conversion of traditional stone barn to dwelling. Application under consideration by Officer.
  • 2002/21/HHO Priory Cottage Main Street Blackawton TQ9 7BG. Householder application for proposed attic conversion with extension and new pitched gable. Conditional Approval.

6.2       Review of New Applications

  • 2976/21/FUL Land at Greenslade House Greenslade Road Blackawton TQ9 7BP. Erection of new detached dwelling house including landscaping works.

Support (resolution proposed Cllr Thomas, seconded Cllr Mallyon).

  • 3187/21/FUL Blatchmore Barn Blatchmore Lane Bugford. Relocation of barn entrance to new position within Blatchmore Lane (Resubmission of 0170/21/FUL).
    Neighbouring parish consultee.

No comment.

  • 2918/21/TCA G1: Cherry x 10 – Deadwood removal (exempt). St Michael’s Church Church Hill Blackawton Devon TQ9 7BQ.

Support (resolution proposed Cllr Coe, seconded Cllr Thomas).

  • New premises licence from Mr John-Simon White for Brewed Boys, 5 Anzac Street, Dartmouth, TQ6 9DL.

No comment.

  • 2969/21/CLE Proposed Development At Sx 8074 5071 Blackawton TQ9 7BP. Certificate of lawfulness for existing commencement of development in accordance with planning consent 0969/19/VAR.
    The Clerk was asked to respond advising that BPC can confirm that to the knowledge of several councillors drainage work’s described in the application did take place. Cllr Mallyon will be provided as a contact.
  1. Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan – Regulation 14 Consultation 2 August to 13 September 2021

No comment.

  1. Consultations

No comments made on the following consultations:

  • Peninsula Transport Regional Strategy. Closes 17 September
  • SHDC Planning validation checklist. Closes 14 September
  • South West Transport Network consultation on vision and goals. Closes 17 September.
  1. Grounds Maintenance

The work by the new grounds maintenance contractor and the new specifications were reviewed. Councillors agreed that interpretation signs are needed to explain the reason for maintenance decisions. These will initially be laminated notices and could later be extended to discuss what might be seen. Sustainable Blackawton will discuss. Cllr Mewes will update the plan of the two maintenance areas and the paths in the Cemetery.

  1. Treeworks

It was resolved to approve the cost of additional treeworks £295 (for removal of two dead cherry trees and dead branches in the Churchyard) to be shared pro-rata with Dittisham PC which also has a small work requirement. There are existing BPC treeworks scheduled for Friday 10 September.

  1. Cemetery Management

Consideration of project work and updating BPC’s Regulations was deferred.

  1. French Furze Project

Discussed under South Hams District Councillor Reeve’s Report above.

  1. Coleridge Group Meeting

The proposed agenda item regarding the Local Planning Authority’s approach to monitoring and enforcement of compliance with conditions attached to planning permissions was discussed under Devon County Councillor Brazil’s Report above.

  1. Churchyard Wall Repair

The Clerk reported that the Churchyard wall repairs had been successfully completed by BPC’s maintenance contractor and TJD Construction over the summer. Invoices pending.

  1. Hedgehogs Warning Road Sign

The proposal from a resident for a sign was discussed. It was agreed that Cllr Mewes would write an article for the Beacon.

  1. Community Garden Waste Scheme

Cllr Coe’s suggestion had been discussed earlier in the meeting. Cllr Coe will discuss with Sustainable Blackawton with a view to Sustainable Blackawton preparing a proposal.

  1. Finance

      17.1      Update on Current Financial Position

The Report, which showed a balance of £58,483.15 and unearmarked reserves of £12,141.70, was noted.

      17.2      Payments

The following payments were approved:

  • Blackawton Village Hall 6 July hire         £15.00
  • Grounds Maintenance 19/8/21 Cemetery blue & yellow zones        £102.00
  • Grounds Maintenance 19/8/21 Churchyard       £42.00

Payments made since the July meeting where noted:

  • Grounds Maintenance 29/7/21 Cemetery blue & yellow zones        £102.00
  • Grounds Maintenance 29/7/21 Churchyard      £42.00

The payments received were noted:

  • SHDC, £500 – The Clerk is looking into what this payment is for.
  • Allwood of Totnes, new memorial, £60

      17.3      Clerk’s Expenses Reimbursement CE24

The reimbursement of £44.34 was approved.

  1. Society of Local Council Clerks Training Course

The Clerk’s attendance at the SLCC GDPR e-course which costs £30 was supported.

  1. Correspondence

The following correspondence was noted:

  • Community Ownership Fund, £150 million over 4 years for community ownership of assets and amenities.
  • Community Broadband – SHDC 2 year project for businesses and residents. Beacon article
  • DCC Grant HMCEF for Lengthsman work, £300 approved as requested.
  1. Reports from Parish Councillors and Wardens

The Playing Fields Committee’s Section 106 application for the tennis court resurfacing is being dealt with by the Committee.

Councillors Coe and Mewes have carried out a review of the Environment Policy Action Plan, which is planned to be done at least annually. The action items will be followed up with Sustainable Blackawton. Achievements and plans will be shared at the next Annual Parish Meeting. It was suggested that they be published in a leaflet and reported in the Beacon.

Cllr Coe suggested sharing with the farming community the notice of a meeting at 7 pm on 21 September in Morleigh Village Hall about changes to farming payments.

Cllr Rake commented that the Annual Parish Meeting was deferred because of COVID-19 and we need to work out how and when to hold it.

  1. Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council was confirmed for Tuesday 5 October 2021 at 7:30 p.m.


The meeting ended at 21:11.