Parish Response

Blackwton Larder
The mini foodbank in the church porch is still up and running and is there for anyone to help themselves to food and other essentials. Times are hard so if you need a bit of support please do use it – it is open at all times.
In addition to food, in December we will also have a plastic box in the porch with Christmas presents and wrapping paper, etc, so that may be helpful too.
Please don’t hesitate to take what you need when you need it.
Many thanks to everyone who has been topping up supplies. These should be non-perishables. Please do not donate items in cardboard packaging. If anyone would also like to contribute new or nearly new toys or other presents, please drop them off at the shop or pop them in the box in the church.

The Parish Council is coordinating the community response to the coronavirus outbreak.
We want to make sure that help is available for anyone in the Parish who needs it, and that the efforts of anyone able to offer help are used effectively.

Help is available for things like:

  • Transport to vaccination
  • Picking up shopping & grouping delivery orders
  • Collecting prescriptions
  • A friendly phone call from time to time
  • Household emergencies
  • Posting letters & parcels
  • Looking after pets

If you NEED or CAN OFFER HELP with anything, please contact:
Simon Rake – 07 944 466 809 or

Alternatively, for more information please contact:
Annette Thom – 01803 722 417 or

Any personal information provided will be held and shared as required to provide this response to the COVID-19 outbreak.