Recycling food packaging and the South Hams Council

Currently South Hams Council only recycles plastic bottles in the clear sack along with food tins, cans, aerosols and tinfoil. It does not currently recycle the plastic food packaging (like the kind you buy strawberries in and yoghurt pots). This presents Blackawton with a problem!

South Hams plans on a fuller recycling service in the Spring 2021 but until then please review details at to ensure that South Hams collections are not spoilt. It is possible, that a bag containing any plastic food packaging may end up in landfill!


  • Ideally avoid plastic packaging where you can. Ideas on this eg: the Kingsbridge based enterprise produce great infographics on instagram / facebook on how to use less.

  • Both Torr Quarry and Totnes Recycling will take Clean mixed plastic packaging, for example, food trays and yoghurt pots (must be washed) – black plastic food trays and cling film type packaging are not acceptable.

          Totnes Recycling Centre, Totnes Recycling Centre, Babbage Road Industrial Estate,Totnes, TQ9 5JA  0345 155 1010

          Torr Quarry Recycling, Centre Kingsbridge TQ9 7QQ   0345 155 1010

  • Recycle drop off?   Sustainable Blackawton Group will pursue the idea of a central plastic food container village collection point with volunteer delivery to recycling centre. Anyone interested in helping with this please contact Laura Perry at

Please remember to support our brilliant local shop who sells a selection of unpackaged products and continues to  recycle crisp packets and egg boxes.