We are clearly a hardy bunch in SB as no-one has said they are not coming; but the government has changed its guidance fundamentally and we are being urged not to meet, so I have called off the March meeting.


Nonetheless may I invite you to consider the agenda and send me any other topics.  I will circulate a final agenda on or before the 30th and invite everyone to comment as though we were sat together.  Please set aside some time to do this on the 30th.  Then I will share the views in an extended set of minutes.


So far as a draft agenda I have:


  • Sustainable Blackawton and Corona virus; how can we help the community and PC.
  • The Avon Valley Project; feedback from Sue.
  • Energy Local; how we follow up and progress the scheme. http://www.energylocal.co.uk
  • Future planting and maintenance activities with the school Gardening Club joining SB volunteers.  The first three dates are 29th April, 27th May and 24th June at 3:30.
  • Review of any whips/saplings left over from recent planting and where to put them.
  • Up-date on car sharing project.
  • Up-date on the habitat group mapping project.


Best wishes