Platinum Jubilee Resources

For official guidance on the Platinum Jubilee please see the Royal Family’s Platinum Jubilee page and the Government’s Platinum Jubilee page.

Big Jubilee Lunch

Communities may want to celebrate the occasion with a street party, maybe even joining in with The Big Jubilee Lunch on Sunday 5 June 2022. This might be a cup of tea with a neighbour on the doorstep, a streetwide bash or a large community event, all with the aim of bringing the community together for friendship and fun.

The government has published some guidance on holding a street party to help anyone get involved and to talk you through the legalities. The Street Party site is a fantastic resource. Please remember that you may need to close the road; there is guidance from Devon County Council on closing a road for a street party; while there is no charge you will need to give them six weeks’ notice. Further information from DCC here covers when an application is needed.

Thank you to the Devon Association of Local Councils for the information above.


Grant Funds
Grant funds have been set up to support Jubilee events or activities: