Approved Minutes 2022 June 07

Jun 20, 2022 | Minutes

The approved minutes can be downloaded here or read below  MN_2022_June 07 BPC Approved Minutes

APPROVED Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of Blackawton Parish Council held on Tuesday 7 June 2022 at 7:30 p.m. in Blackawton Village Hall

Present: Councillors Mewes (Vice-Chair and meeting Chair), Curry, Mallyon, Ougton, and Thomas were present, as were South Hams District Councillor Reeve, Devon County Councillor Brazil for his report, and A Thom (Clerk). There were no members of the public.

Open Forum

No matters raised by Parishioners.

120/22  Absent

Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Rake and Coe.

121/22  Declarations of Interest

None declared.

122/22  Minutes of Previous Meetings

The minutes of the BPC Meeting held 10 May 2022, and the Annual Parish Meeting on held on 17 May 2022 were approved.

123/22  Report from South Hams District Council Councillor

South Hams District Councillor Reeve reported that there will be

a meeting between FCC [waste contractor] and SHDC on 8 June. Two EV charging points have been installed in Dartmouth on Mayors Avenue. Councillor Reeve was able to make two grants after the Annual Parish Meeting: to the team taking supplies to Poland and to the project to reintroduce water voles. Cllr Reeve and Cllr Rake were invited to see the business units being built at French Furze, which are progressing.

124/22  Report from Devon County Council Councillor

Devon County Councillor Brazil reported that the project to move the memorial from the Slapton Line is moving forward, it is waiting for DCC to submit a planning application. Cllr Brazil’s appointments remain Children’s Scrutiny Committee and Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority. There is no news about Blackawton’s request to be considered for a 20 mile per hour zone in the village. The project was oversubscribed, receiving 100 applications for five opportunities.

125/22  Planning Applications

125/22.1           SHDC Planning Decisions

The following decisions were noted:

  • 3691/21/OPA Land Adjacent Two Gates Blackawton TQ9 7BL. Outline application with some matters reserved for construction of a single custom built dwelling. Refusal

125/22.2           Review of New Applications

  • 1315/22/HHO Woodfin Cottage Blackawton TQ9 7BW. Householder application for proposed landscaping works to garden, new and altered windows to main dwelling and internal alterations.

It was resolved to Support this application.

  • 1284/22/FUL Woodford Farm Blackawton TQ9 7AA. Application to replace dwelling permitted by application ref 2929/20/PDM with an alternative design using the same internal building footprint and location, proposing to replace existing steel portal barn with more sensitive, high quality design allowing for provision of new building with significantly improved thermal & Environmental performance. This application also seeks permission for associated landscape works and erection of small, open-sided tractor shed.

It was resolved that No comment would be made on this application.

  • 1765/22/CLP 4 Main Street Blackawton TQ9 7BG. Certificate of Lawfulness for proposed installation of energy efficiency measures & conversion of garage
  • 1501/22/CLP 3 Main Street Blackawton TQ9 7BG. Certificate of Lawfulness for Conversion of existing utility area to habitable space and energy efficiency works to the building envelope.

No comment was made on the two Certificate of Lawfulness applications above. SHDC will make a decision based on the evidence.

126/22  Consultations

  • Devon County Council (Traffic Regulation & On-Street Parking Places) Amendment Order, Closes 24/6

No comment made by BPC.

127/22  Blackawton Dog Waste Bins

BPC resolved to request that SHDC install a Multiuse / General Waste bin at French Furze on the verge opposite the eastern end of the MUGA. The installation cost will come from S106 funds. BPC requested SHDC start with the same emptying frequency as Main Street bin collections. BPC agreed to pay the emptying cost based on the understanding that the charge is £3/collection.

128/22  Management of Blackawton Trees

BPC deferred confirmation of expenditure for the Risk Assessment Survey of Blackawton trees in summer 2022. Councillors will review the trees and report back to the July meeting of BPC because it may be a better option to decide to remove trees with ash dieback.

129/22  St Michael’s Churchyard and Blackawton Cemetery Safety Inspections

Memorial safety inspections were carried out by Councillors in May. In the Churchyard two headstones had broken at ground level and were laid down as was one small monument. In the Cemetery six headstones were laid flat. It was resolved to approved expenditure to reinstate two headstones which do not have an identifiable owner. BPC has now laid flat some eight crosses in the Churchyard for safety reasons. It was agreed to request that the Clerk obtain further information about whether it is possible to reinstate them and the cost.

130/22  Finance

130/22.1           Update on Current Financial Position

The Summary Report, Bank Reconciliation, and Reserves Report were tabled. The total balance at 31 May 2022 was £58,040.26 and General Reserves £15,783.42.

130/22.2           Payments & Receipts

It was resolved to authorise the following payments:

  • NEST, May Pension, £35.35
  • DALC, Being a Good Councillor #4, £18.00
  • Resident, Bus Stop Flowers Reimbursement, £29.43
  • Kingsbridge Websites, Finance Website pages for delegated decisions, £40.00

These payments made since the last meeting were noted:

  • Clerk, May Salary, £393.85
  • HMRC, May PAYE, £101.00

This payment was provided late and will be authorised via the Chair:

  • Clerk, CE 32 April and May office costs reimbursement, £28.15.

130/22.3           Grant Request

It was resolved to approve the request from Dartmouth Young Farmers for a grant of £300. The Clerk will confirm BPC has a relevant power and the Chair’s Discretionary Fund will be used if not.

130/22.4           Payment of Pension Contributions by Direct Debit

It was resolved to authorise a mandate to debit the pension contributions from BPC’s Lloyds bank account

130/22.5           Clerk’s Overtime Claim

It was resolved to approve the claim for five hours overtime worked in May.

130/22.6           Clerk’s Leave

It was resolved to approve the annual leave request.

131/22  21/22 Annual Governance and Accountability Return

131/22.1           Certificate of Exemption – AGAR 21/22 Part 2

It was resolved that BPC meets the criteria for 21/22 and wishes to be an exempt authority, not subject to a limited assurance review, for 21/22.

131/22.2           To sign the Certificate of Exemption

The meeting Chair signed the Certificate of Exemption.

131/22.3           21/22 Audit Annual Governance Statement

It was resolved to approve the Statement.

131/22.4           Signature of the Audit Annual Governance Statement by the Chair of the meeting

The meeting Chair signed the Statement.

131/22.5           21/22 Audit Accounting Statements

BPC considered the Accounting Statements.

131/22.6           To resolve to approve the Statements.

It was resolved to approve the Statements.

131/22.7           Signature of the Accounting Statement by the Chair of the Meeting

The meeting Chair signed the Statements.

132/22  Correspondence

  • South West Water, 23/5/22, Reply received ‘Environmental Information Regulations 2004
  • Invitation, SHDC, Webinar, 7pm 15/6/22, Briefing for town and parish councils on Homes for Ukraine scheme
  • Airband Fibre to the Premises Rollout Public Webinar on Thursday, June 16th, 2022, at 7pm

133/22  Next Meeting

It was confirmed that the next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 5 July 2022 at 7:30 p.m.

The meeting closed at 20 59.