Draft Minutes 2021 March 02

Mar 11, 2021 | Minutes

The draft minutes can be downloaded here MN_2021_March 02 BPC Draft Minutes  or read below.

Correct date for the  next ordinary meeting – Please note that the correct date is 13 April (not 6 April).

DRAFT Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of Blackawton Parish Council held on Tuesday 2 March 2021 at 7:30 p.m. using public videoconferencing

  • Present: Cllrs Rake (Chair), Cllr Mewes (Vice-Chair), Coe, Mallyon, Perry, and Thomas were present, as were Devon County Cllr Brazil, South Hams District Cllr Reeve, A Thom (Clerk), and three members of the public.

Open Forum

  1. Census on Sunday 21 March 2021 – Community Engagement Manager

Residents will receive a letter of invitation with a unique access code. Most people will complete the Census online. 10% of households will automatically receive a paper questionnaire. The invitation letter will provide a free phone number for requesting a paper copy of the Census questionnaire. There will be extensive help available to complete the Census. The Census questionnaire can also be completed over the phone. A trusted family member or friend can complete it. The last day to return the Census is 4 May. There are three new questions: whether people have ever been in the armed forces, and two voluntary questions asking about gender identity and sexual orientation of people aged over 16 years. There is £1,000 fine for non-completion of the Census.

  1. Millcombe Caravan

A member of the public raised their concerns that the construction resulting from a planning application in the autumn is not as they expected, in that it is widely visible and not a caravan. Referred to South Hams District Council which is the Local Planning Authority.

  1. Blackawton Playing Fields Committee Skatepark Enquiry

A member of the public asked about plans for the Playing Fields Committee to construct a skatepark. They will follow this question up directly with the Committee.

45/21 Apologies

None received.

46/21    Declarations of Interest

Cllrs Rake and Thomas declared a personal interest in the Blackawton Business Units CIC.

47/21    Minutes of Previous Meetings

The minutes of the Meeting held on 2 February 2021 were approved.

48/21    COVID-19 Response

No matters were raised with regard to the project to ensure that residents and visitors have access to support and information.

49/21    Report from South Hams District Council Councillor

Cllr Helen Reeve said that Connecting Devon and Somerset broadband has contracted local delivery to Airband and SHDC has a Community Broadband Officer. Please contact Cllr Reeve if you have any problems when the new waste system starts. There will soon be more COVID 19 grants available – mainly for shops and other businesses. Fusion Lifestyle is hoping to reopen on 8 April. There are YouTube classes in the interim. Cllr Reeve is willing to contribute some of her Locality Fund for purchases such as sacks or pickers to support a ‘Clean Our Patch’ community litter picker scheme if the community wishes to pursue that.

50/21    Report from Devon County Council Councillor

Cllr Brazil reported that DCC has agreed its 2021/22 budget – there is a 2% base increase and 3% adult social care making a total 5% increase in DCC’s part of Council Tax. COVID case numbers are currently extremely low.

Cllr Mewes sought guidance about a passing place hazard where there is a steep edge where the passing place has eroded. Cllr Brazil said it would probably be addressed by Highways and to report the problem (not as a pothole). Cllr Thomas requested a system where feedback is received from DCC when a problem has been reported, which he has found is not the case now. Cllr Brazil agreed and will follow the suggestion up.

51/21    Planning Issues

51/21.1        SHDC Planning Decisions

  • 0462/21/TEX St Michaels Church, Church Hill Blackawton TQ9 7BQ. T1: Cherry – fell, remove, dead. Grant Exemption.

Cllrs discussed whether a fruiting cherry should replace the tree. Cllrs supported retaining the avenue of ornamental cherries. Cllrs Mewes, Coe, and Mallyon will on 6 March look at the dead cherry noted on the tree survey report (not located in that avenue) with a view to replacing it with a fruiting cherry.

51/21.2           Review of New Applications

  • 3574/20/FUL Halwell Business Park Halwell TQ9 7LQ. Provision of new industrial warehouse building (Class E (former B1 only), B2 and B8 use).

No comment.

  • 0390/21/ARC The Old Forge Blackawton TQ9 7AA. Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 3 and 4 for planning application 0400/19/FUL.

No comment.

  • 0297/21/CLE Shielings Ridge Lane Blackawton TQ9 7HJ. Certificate of Lawfulness for exisiting non compliance with occupancy condition (resubmission of 3526/20/CLE).

The decision of the Planning Authority will be on the basis of factual evidence only, not the planning merits.

BPC has no relevant information.

52/21    French Furze Project

Cllr Rake reported on discussions between BPC and DCC, Education South West, and Blackawton Playing Fields Committee about ownership of the MUGA, Toddler Play Area, and Car Park. Cllr Rake reported that the consensus of representatives of those parties is now that community ownership by BPC would be preferable to the MUGA being in School ownership. Cllr Wilson’s view, on behalf of the BPFC is that it doesn’t matter if BPC or BPFC owns the MUGA, BPFC can still support management of its use. BPC taking ownership of all three components would reduce conveyancing costs. It is hoped that Vistry will transfer £5,000 with the MUGA. The Clerk also noted that ESW has advised that it’s processes can be very slow for reasons outside its control and may not be completed within the three month transfer period for the MUGA.

It was resolved that BPC supports the proposal that BPC takes ownership of all of the ‘School Land’. This will comprise ownership of the MUGA, Toddler Play Area, and Car Park.

The Clerk raised that the Community Use Scheme needs to be addressed. Cllrs suggested that the CUS may no longer be necessary. The Clerk was asked to arrange a meeting with SHDC to discuss. The Clerk will also follow up outstanding action items from a meeting with SHDC Legal and Planning representatives.

53/21    Blackawton Environment Policy

Cllrs Coe and Mewes have redrafted the Environment Policy and created a separate Action Plan document. The Action Plan may become quite a long document. It can be used to monitor progress.

The Parish Council approved the Environment Policy, and that there is an Action Plan under Sustainable Blackawton’s control.

Cllr Mewes said that there is a proposal for a South Hams carbon offset system and asked if Blackawton is supportive of considering it in principle – the action would be that Sustainable Blackawton is looking into it with BPC generally.

54/21    Climate Ecological Emergency Bill

The support of the draft motion to support the Bill was deferred to the April Agenda pending clarification of details. Cllr Mewes reported the second reading is expected over the summer.

55/21    Risk Assessment Survey of BPC Trees

The Clerk will circulate the report and cost the recommendation for the April meeting. There are no urgent actions. The surveyor also looked at the Playing Fields and Village Hall trees, at BPC’s request.

56/21    Churchyard Trees

BPC’s response to the Planning Authority’s condition that an ornamental cherry with 8-10 cm girth be replanted when a dead tree is removed was addressed with the tree planning application item above.

57/21    Finance

57/21.1       Update on Current Financial Position

The report showed a total balance of £55,433.80 and unearmarked reserves of £16,254.71.

57/21.2       Payments

Reimbursement to Cllr Mewes for a Cherry tree, £39.99, was deferred to the April meeting.

57/21.3       Grant request

The request from Youth Mental Health Foundation for a grant of £177 or £271 was considered and refused because it does not meet the Policy’s requirement that there be a benefit residents of the Parish of Blackawton.

57/21.4       Clerk’s Expenses Reimbursement Claim

The reimbursement claim CE22 for £55.13 was approved.

57/21.5       Clerk’s Overtime Claim

The claim for five hours overtime to dispose of or archive BPC’s documents, as agreed by the previous meeting, was approved.

58/21    Delegated Authority

The approval of the proposed delegations to the Clerk to plan for business continuity if legislation permitting virtual meetings is not extended beyond 6 May was deferred to allow Cllr Thomas’ questions to be fully addressed.

59/21    Correspondence

The following correspondence was noted:

  • Citizens Advice – Distribution of ‘COVID Winter Grant Scheme’ to support with the cost of fuel or food due to the continuing hardships caused by COVID-19
  • SHDC 2/2/21 Parking Tariff Changes consultation 4 to 25 February 2021

60/21    Reports from Parish Councillors and Wardens

Cllr Coe reported that the catch and spring on the gate into the playpark are not working. Cllr Rake will report to Cllr Wilson/BPFC.

61/21    Scheduling of Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Tuesday 11 May at 7:30 pm. Speakers are yet to be confirmed. Street lighting and the new waste system were proposed.

If legislation permitting virtual meetings has not been extended the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 4 May following the public holiday on 3 May.

62/21    Next Meeting

The next planned meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 6 April 2021 at 7:30 p.m. was confirmed.

The meeting closed at 21:28.