Agenda 2022 July 05

Jun 30, 2022 | Agendas

The Agenda can be read below or downloaded here AG_2022_July BPC

To all members of Blackawton Parish Council                         30 June 2022

You are hereby summoned to attend the monthly meeting of Blackawton Parish Council to be held on Tuesday 5 July 2022 at 7:30 p.m. in Blackawton Village Hall for the purpose of transacting the following business.

OPEN FORUM – The Chairman invites Questions from Parishioners

  1. Apologies

To receive apologies for absence

  1. Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations of Members’ interests in Agenda items

  1. Minutes of Previous Meetings

To approve minutes of the Meeting held 7 June 2022.

  1. Report from South Hams District Council Councillor
  2. Report from Devon County Council Councillor
  3. Planning Applications
    • SHDC Planning Decisions

To note the decisions as follows:

  • 1103/22/FUL Hutcherleigh Turn Blackawton Totnes. Agricultural building for storage. Conditional Approval
  • 1315/22/HHO Woodfin Cottage Blackawton TQ9 7BW. Householder application for proposed landscaping works to garden, new and altered windows to main dwelling and internal alterations. Conditional Approval
    • Review of New Applications

To comment to SHDC on the following applications:

  • 1709/22/FUL Watsons Farm Blackawton TQ9 7AZ. Construction of new dwelling (in lieu of application 1747/21/PDM which provides prior approval for the change of use of the agricultural building to 3no. dwellings).
  • 1785/22/FUL The Old Dairy, North Millcombe Farm Blackawton Devon TQ9 7AE. Demolition of an existing agricultural building & construction of a replacement dwelling following Class Q approval 2462/19/PDM & associated landscaping
  • For information. No statutory consultation requirement – 2120/22/COM Wadstray Top Middle Wadstray Farm Blackawton Totnes TQ9 7DD. Notice of Intent to Install Electronic Communication Apparatus comprising three Antennas, three RRH’s and one GPS Node and associated ancillary equipment on the existing tower.
  1. Relocation Site for the Monument – Slapton War Memorial

To consider an alternative location for the Monument.

  1. Management of Blackawton Trees

To agree actions for the risk management of Blackawton ash trees.

  1. Proposal to use village halls to create network of outposts for Police Officers during routine patrols

To consider the questions letter from Anthony Mangnall MP

  1. Finance
    • Update on Current Financial Position

To receive reports.

  • Payments & Receipts

To authorise the following payments

  • ARCCAS Grounds Maintenance:
  • 4/5/22 & 18/5/22 Churchyard Frequent, £180.00
  • 4/5/22 & 18/5/22 Cemetery Frequent Yellow & Blue, £204.00
  • Clerk, Office expenses reimbursement June, CE33 £17.37
  • Devon Communities Together, Annual Fee, £50

To note payments made since the 7 July meeting:

  • Clerk, June salary & May overtime, £443.01
  • HMRC PAYE June, £114

To note that the pension payment due in June failed during the payment account change and will be paid late in July.

To note receipts:

  • SHDC, Habitat Homes Grant, £500
  1. , Habitat Homes Grant

To agree to pay invoices £239.14 for supplies, £250 to A Gaisford workshop teacher, and to consider donation of £10.86 balance to the Forrest School

  1. Correspondence

To note/consider the following:

  • Invitation – Dartmouth Academy/ Reach Programme – July 12th 2022 11am – 4pm
  • 28/6/22 Response received from SWW with further details about ‘spills’ into the Garra
  • 24/6/22 Blackawton PS Forrest School sent thanks and a report and photos of a brilliant start to the habitat boxes project
  • 22/6/22 St Michael’s PCC updated by BPC regarding memorial safety inspection by BPC
  • 21/6/22 BPFC contacted BPC about adding tennis court membership & booking to the community website
  • 14/6/22 Request to cut back trees in the playground – forwarded by BPC to BPFC
  1. Next Meeting

To confirm the next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 6 September 2022 at 7:30 p.m.

  1. Closure of the Meeting

To consider resolving to close the meeting because of the commercial-in-confidence nature of the business.


To consider quotes for work agreed by the meeting.



Annette Thom

Parish Clerk