Blackawton Library Services

Jul 24, 2020 | Community News Post

‘Choose and Collect’ services have been operating, and people have been telephoning or emailing their library and arranging a collection date. From  Monday 20 July, more libraries will be opening to public access with the expected rules around social distancing, including those in Crediton, Dartmouth, Exmouth, Ilfracombe, Okehampton, Sidmouth, St Thomas (Exeter), South Molton and Tavistock. You’ll also be asked to wear face coverings at our libraries from Friday 24 July.
The libary website has more information – LINK

A Jerry Neville, a Blackawton resident, has passed on his research and experience about what is happening ‘on the ground’ at the moment –
The Mobile Library was here in the village yesterday – but although it seemingly did turn up, it just passes books to those who have pre-ordered and are on the spot (I think it will informally deliver to those who are not mobile but that is not a normal service) and it then simply moves on.  It does not wait for the scheduled times at the moment.  And readers cannot access the bus – they are to remain outside and be passed the pre-ordered books. Returned books are ‘isolated’ in a bag and ‘quarantined’ for the requisite number of days.
The copied/pasted bit below is from their website.
No fines will apply during the period of closure, and until we reopen, the option to reserve items online has been disabled. Current loan(s) have now been extended to 31st August 2020.
To get books brought to the village, readers have to phone/email their requirements, a week or thereabouts in advance to Ivybridge library (01752 893140) Email:  The next visit times for Blackawton are as scheduled: 18th August and 18th September.
Finally; the Home Library Service is also reinstated but similar constraints apply; readers should phone or email Dartmouth library (01803 832502, Email:  Alternatively contact Jerry directly (712615) to put in their orders which he can collect from the library when he visits.