Home Energy Efficiency & Reducing Fuel Bills

Sep 28, 2022 | Featured

Information  about home energy efficiency and grants on South Hams District Council’s website:

South Dartmoor Community Energy – Helping people save energy, money and carbon. Working towards a zero carbon future with sustainable and resilient communities.

Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Service
The Fire Service does home safety visits. A home safety visit is a free service. The visit includes the provision of the safety devices needed. They are a good point of contact for vulnerable households.

The Energy Saving Trust is a good source of information https://energysavingtrust.org.uk/

Some energy saving tips for heating your home

  • Lowering the heating flow temp could cut the bill by 8% or so. https://www.theheatinghub.co.uk/articles/turn-down-the-boiler-flow-temperature
  • Some combi boilers have a hot water preheat function which regularly fires the boiler just in case you might want hot water  – find it and turn it off.
  • Insulate pipework between your boiler and water tank
  • One major way a home loses heat is through air leakage – you may be able to identify where cold air is getting in using the smoke from an incense stick, or just by feeling with your hand. Common places it gets in is around windows and doors. You can buy draughtproofing seals at DIY stores. Unused open fires are also a culprit – these can be closed off with a “chimney balloon” or a “chimney sheep”.
  • Make sure you are not heating unused rooms.
  • Make one room very cosy and welcoming – keep that warmer while letting the rest of your house be colder.
  • Thickening your curtains can help to retain more heat, or DIY insulated shutters may be an option.
  • Reduce the hot water temperature to the lowest practical setting

Households with vulnerable people should take a cautious approach to these measures so as not to compromise health.